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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Unexpected Adventure

This last week I was able to travel to Knoxville and visit with my parents. I didn't realize my husband was travelling all week, so as soon as I knew, I made plans to go. I did get one of my table runners completely finished and I have a second one about 1/2 way done. I did a few Etsy orders while I was there, but left most of that behind. I have been paying for it though!! I have discovered that I really like my SLICE machine. I wish I used it more, but it is so cool. I made these sweet pink onesie tags for a customer. There are so many designs that I haven't even tried yet.  Also worked on a few new designs for bags too. School planning is also in full swing. I have been working on the geography class I will be teaching this next year and also researching church history figures for the high school students. It is funny how summer seems to just zoom by. My 2 older kids are busy planning, purchasing and packing for the fall semester. They are of course playing as well. Still looking forward to some time in Hilton Head with the family in July and August. How goes your summer???

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