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Monday, April 20, 2015

kitchen tile going down soon

Well we are finally  placing our tiles down on the kitchen floor. My husband is VERY particular  so we lay them all out to make sure the tiles look right together. We have really liked using Ditra board by Schluter. It is so easy to work with. That's  the orange  grid you see under the tiles. We are using Noce

 Roman stone. We are doing a staggered pattern with 18 inch and 12 inch tiles. Can't  wait to put it down  permanently.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hardie Plank painting....yet again!

Well as much as I would like to think that we were done with painting all the Hardie plank for this is not over yet. Painting outside today. Great weather for it. This board is made of cement and is more durable and fireproof than wood or vinyl siding.  You can buy it primed or painted in a variety of colors. We found it much cheaper online and primed only. These will be the siding for the front and back porch areas. Last 2 places to get it. Back to work now!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whoa's been awhile!

Obviously this blog has taken a really long backseat. We are still building our house. Crazy I know! I have had so many friends ask me about posting again. I will take pictures and post about house progress very soon. Today though I am giving you some pics of some monogrammed burp cloths that I did using my Brother LB 6800 and the monogram it program. I just love this cotton hot air balloon print for a little baby boy. How about you?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Catch Up Pictures

Have been working on so many things at once that I have quite a few pictures to post.
First, I finished Beth's quilt and have a picture of her (and me) with it. She is lovely-Beth I mean. She loves her  quilt which makes me very pleased.
Second, I finished a simple fringe scarf in a mustard colorway of alpaca and silk that I bought on Etsy from A Yarn or a Tale-love that shop.
Third, I finally finished my first crocheted afghan. I used Nature's Choice organic cotton yarn in a mixture of almond, walnut, espresso and french vanilla. This thing is so warm and soft. It is a good lap size or larger. I am short so it covers me from neck to feet.
Lastly, whipped up a cute vintage 80's material scarf for Mary. She loves anything nautical and my mom gave me a huge chunk of this material while I was in Knoxville last weekend.

The house is moving very slowly since hubby works all day. I did manage to get some more Hardie planks painted and nailed in all the remaining electrical boxes. We have rid the yard of all the trash and have gathered up all the supplies that need to be returned. Hubby is working on the trim so that we can get the siding on, so in the meantime I just keep painting planks(storing them in this handy dandy holder hubby designed to allow them to dry).

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beth's Quilt Done

I finished Beth's quilt today. I washed and dried it and it looks good. I have not taken final pics of it yet, but I will. Made a trip to Knoxville this past weekend. The kids all went to the UT UK basketball game. I went to quilt class with my mom and hung out with my sisters for a bit. It was a nice little trip. Found out my son had a touch of pneumonia so he is now on meds to knock that out. Progress on the house is incredibly slow. Have managed to get all the Hardie plank either in the house or on the porch. Have about 80 planks painted so far. We have marked for almost all of the electrical boxes as well. Will hopefully post some pics of the house and the quilt soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still Fighting the Flu Bug

My poor kids! They all still have the flu, but today is my youngest's worst day so far. She hasn't really moved much today from bed except for the infrequent potty breaks. I worked on getting Etsy orders caught up and designed a few new bags. The builders are here and we now have stairs going to the 3rd floor. Still no stairs from down here to up there yet. Several of his workers have the flu and only worked until lunch. Have been working on my afghan at night so it is coming along. Hope to do some work on Beth's quilt this week/weekend. Will see how Katy is feeling tomorrow. Here a the pics of the shingles I promised. I also added one of the large dormer from the inside. This is the same window that was too tall. We decided to cut the ceiling area in that part back some so it will be recessed. I think it will add some interest to that large area.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slow Going

I have been so busy this month with Etsy orders that I don't feel like I am getting anything else done. I did order my french vanilla Nature's Choice yarn and have started the middle section of my afghan. I have discovered that I love Greek yogurt with granola and Honey! Never realized what a tad of honey could do to counteract the sour twang of greek yogurt-but I love it.  We have all of our shingles done and have started attaching electrical outlet boxes in the addition. Also had our siding-James Hardie plank- delivered. We have been doing a lot of clean up in the house, but the workers are back tomorrow to finish our framing and stairs. My oldest 2 came home for the MLK holiday and both now seem to have the flu. Hope we don't get it! Celebrated hubby's big 45th while they were home. Ate dinner in the soon to be dining room upstairs. Will post some pics soon, but wanted to check in.