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Friday, June 26, 2015

linen sprays

I am a habitual sheet washer! Every Friday
I strip the bed, wash and then hang them out to dry if possible.  There is nothing quite like climbing into a bed freshly made with crisp, clean sheets. My husband even looks forward to Friday for this reason.  If it wasn't such a chore to make a tempur pedic bed, I would wash them daily. That's a bit excessive and obsessive to be honest. I do however believe in linen sprays. I usually purchase mine at TJ Maxx.
They are typically 4-6$ each regardless of brand. This spring and summer I have really been enjoying Pecksniff ' s rose & peony spray in our master bedroom.  I have been using a lovely lavender spray in our guest bedrooms. If you pull your sheets back in the evening and give the bed a quick mist, your sheets will smell nice when you crawl into your cozy bed. A cheap way to bring some sweet zzz's and avoid daily washing.

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