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Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking for the Staple Gun

Once I lay my hands on our trusty staple gun, this project will be complete. I LOVE the covered buttons in the coordinating fabrics. They are so easy to make. I definitely want to use some on a garment. I still am not totally happy with the ribbon choice, but I couldn't find anything better at Hancocks or Micheals. I think it is a little bright but it blends okay. Hope to finish today. Haircuts all around for the fam today and SAT at 7:45 am for my son tomorrow. New batch of poison ivy cropping up on my arm and neck from my massive weedeating 2 days ago. Ah-you must love nature! Had a pretty bad sewing day yesterday, so not sure if I will get to any today or not. Maybe I will make another Sorbetto tank by Colette before my beach trip next week.

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