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Friday, November 2, 2012

Monogram It Merge on my Brother LB6800PRW

I am really having a lot of fun figuring this program out. I downloaded an anchor for a friend from Stitch in Thyme Designs and wanted to put monogram initials over the top. I first brought the anchor into Monogram It and centered the design. Then just used the monogram it button on the bar and was able to choose my initials and font. Then I centered that on top of the anchor. I was still able to choose colors for each element. Then I transferred the saved .PES file to my machine and it automatically separates it into 2 designs. I did the anchor first and then the monogram. I changed the fill type in the Monogram It program to smooth instead of satin. It did a better job for coverage. I had monogrammed a circle monogram the night before and used satin stitch. It looked good but I think I like the smooth fill better. This program is pretty easy to use. I have briefly read through the instructions but the tool bar makes navigating through it seem fairly simple. I am sure I will discover more as I play with it, but did want to post this because I found very little on it when I was researching before buying. I will try to answer any questions you might have, but again I am a TRUE novice! This novice is happy with the results though.

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