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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still Fighting the Flu Bug

My poor kids! They all still have the flu, but today is my youngest's worst day so far. She hasn't really moved much today from bed except for the infrequent potty breaks. I worked on getting Etsy orders caught up and designed a few new bags. The builders are here and we now have stairs going to the 3rd floor. Still no stairs from down here to up there yet. Several of his workers have the flu and only worked until lunch. Have been working on my afghan at night so it is coming along. Hope to do some work on Beth's quilt this week/weekend. Will see how Katy is feeling tomorrow. Here a the pics of the shingles I promised. I also added one of the large dormer from the inside. This is the same window that was too tall. We decided to cut the ceiling area in that part back some so it will be recessed. I think it will add some interest to that large area.

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