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Monday, September 19, 2011

Crummy muffins

I took my daughter to the apple orchard on Friday and we bought a half bushel of Jonathon apples. These are a little crisper and I think they make better pies and crisps. They are sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to tackle them. I did chop a few this morning for apple crumb muffins. Really good, moist muffins are hard to make. Your recipe has to have the right amount of fat for them to stay moist. I will probably try these again but I will add applesauce for more apple flavor and some sour cream for moistness. You just have to keep tweaking a recipe until it is just right. Once I get it right I will post it here! They look better than they tasted.

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  1. I almost went on Friday and now wonder how I am going to get there! They look wonderful...makes me hungry!