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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ahhh! To sew clothing again...

As much as I love crafts, I really enjoy sewing clothes and I have missed doing that while working on all the craft fair goodies.  I did make another crochet flower yesterday and I put together a potholder that I like. I am hoping to put together several sets of these for Christmas gifts. I put buttons in the center of my other black and white flowers I made last week too. The most fun part of my evening though was cutting out and starting the serging/sewing on this Maggy London dress pattern in a robin's egg blue knit. I have loved the cutting, pinning, serging and marking! Hope to get it done by this weekend. Today I will be spreading seed and straw over all of the newly landscaped area before rains and snow wash all of our smooth dirt down the hill. Maybe I will get a little more done tonight if I am not totally exhausted.

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