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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes, We Really Have a Roof

Yesterday the workers built all of our front porch and framed for the large 3 section dormer window in front. Today they have put all of the OSB roofing on and the roofers came to put all of the felt paper on. As I write, they are putting OSB on the sides of the house. It really is starting to come together. They wanted to get it closed in today because we have a chance for severe storms tomorrow. (that means no work for them again)
On another note, I made some yummy pumpkin muffins this morning. I used some amish sweet potato butter along with pumpkin and added a vanilla pudding to the mix. I topped them with streusel topping and YUM.
I also made peppermint bark and wrapped all of my husband's work goodies today. I have had all of my kids home since Monday at dinner and have loved every minute of it. We went Christmas shopping all day yesterday. We have eaten and laughed and just enjoyed being together. My daughter goes back tonight after dinner and we won't see her again til Christmas day. Boo Hiss! I am so thankful for the few days we have all spent together.

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  1. Yes!!! So glad they have made so much progress! It looks fabulous!
    Also, thankful for the time with the kiddos! Hope we can see you sometime soon -- coffee?! Speaking of coffee, pls tell Ali the coffee is amazing--we are very appreciative:D Sweet to share with us! Hugs all around!