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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The bag lady

That is what I feel like lately, but it is a good thing. I have been stamping muslin bags like crazy here for the last couple of weeks. It is very fun and neat to meet (only through conversations of course) new people online. I am enjoying finding out what they like and getting to create one of a kind projects for them. I was under the weather this weekend and missed our cookie exchange at church. I made Andes mint bark and red velvet mini cupcake bites with cream cheese frosting. My youngest daughter made a double chocolate mint chip cookie and my oldest made buttermilk sugar cookies. My son made candied bacon chocolate chip cookies. They brought home several kinds, but I haven't felt like eating any yet. Probably a good thing-I really don't need all those cookies anyway. I have been machine quilting some UK coasters for a friend and got those finished, but I sent them and forgot to take a picture. I am working on a sleep mask but have only cut it out so far. I think it would be nice to fill it with flax and lavender. Anyone ever try this before? How about good cookie recipes? Have a lovely week.

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