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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Second Unit Celebration and more bags

We had our second Tapestry unit celebration tonight and it was fun. We had tons of interesting foods and we had "mock" Olympic games and then Jeopardy. We have studied the Ancient cultures and have been reading through the Old Testament. We have plenty of smart kids in our co-op. It was fun to watch them answer all of the questions-most of the time better than the adults. They really do learn! I will put some pics up soon of our feast and fun.
On another note, I really thought all of this bag stamping would slow way down after Christmas, but not the case. Today I had a lady request a bag size that I don't have. I normally stick to all 3X5 bags. She wanted a 5X8 bag with specific items on it for her daughter's birthday. I have sewed a sample one from cotton muslin and I kinda like it. Still waiting to here from her. I just made it after our Unit Celebration, so it's very late. I have also been playing around with Stazon and cellophane bags. It actually works. Oh the possibilities! Have a blessed day tomorrow. We will be off to church!

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  1. I love this one! So creative... I have plastic bags :D
    Yes - the celebration was so fun -- I am always thrilled when the students remember so much!