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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brother LB6800 Embroidery and Monogram It

I spent quite a bit of time with my new Monogram It program and my Brother LB6800PRW last night. I wanted a simple yet inexpensive way to monogram things for friends and family and possibly an occasional item for Etsy. This program definitely meets the inexpensive mark for me. So many of the programs are hundreds of dollars-(more than my machine cost for some of them) and I wasn't ready to invest that much. The list price for Monogram It is around $99 but I bought it at Amazing Designs and  found an online coupon code that saved me 15%. In the end I paid $85 or so. The program is easy to load and makes sense when you look at the tool bars. It is easy to get a monogram on the screen and pick the appropriate hoop size. You can have the design display in inches or mm. I chose inches because that is what I am used to. Last night I came up with a design and saved it as a .PES file. Plugged in the USB cable that came with the machine to both the Brother and my computer. Sent the file to the removable disc (drive F:) and Nothin! I did this several times and all I could see was memory being used in the Brother, but no design. I hunted around for online help-Nada! This morning however, I found this site available and realized my design was too large for the machine to see. Reworked the monogram this morning to make sure it would fit and Voila!
So if you have a Brother or Monogram It and have struggled at all with using either one-I feel your pain! I will try to post information or tips along the way as I use both of these products. It is so helpful to be able to find answers to your questions online and there just isn't much out there for this combo of products. Can't wait to actually put this on the sweatshirt now.


  1. I just got a Brother Enthusiast (SE 400) and am looking for an inexpensive software that allows me to do monograms where the middle letter (last name) is bigger. My hoop size is 4 i. y 4 in. Do you think this would work for me, too?! I really can't spend $350 on the BES Brother design software! Glad I found your website!

  2. Yes I do think it would work. I couldn't afford the expensive programs to start either. I really like this. I have the Letter It that works along with it as well.