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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Cart Before the Horse

It is an old saying, but in my case it is very true. We ended up buying all of our paint for the addition to the house about 2 weeks ago. We had already used Sherwin Williams for the outside so we had to continue with that. We went to their once a year 40% off sale and decided to buy all the paint for the house inside and out. We are doing a neutral gray for all 4 of the upstairs rooms called Knitting Needles-so appropriate. In one of the rooms/bathroom I am going to use Anjou Pear as an additional color. My son loves pears and this will be the room he stays in when he comes home. I found some gorgeous material at Hancock Fabrics while shopping with a friend the other day that will work perfectly with my colors. It was on the remnant table and was only $5 a yard. I got 7 yards of the gold stripe with raised velvet leaves and 2 1/2 yards of the charcoal gray. I love them both and will be so excited when we finally get to the decorating part of building. Gives me something to look forward to-making a house into our home!

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