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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cable scarf take 2!

It has been a very busy week in our household, maybe I should rephrase that to "out of our household."I feel like I have barely been home this week. Took my 18y old to the dentist and she will be having her wisdom teeth out next week. She also can't drive right now due to a blood pressure problem, so we do a lot of extra driving (college/work). We live 30 minutes away from "civilization" so everything is at least an hour round trip. I did manage to restart my scarf while at the dentist's office for 2 hours waiting. It is looking much better, but I think my tension is a bit off. My knit and purl base seems looser than the cabled part. I am going to keep going though. Too many do overs aren't good for the organic yarn or my confidence. We will see what it looks like when I get further along. I am surprised that it is not more difficult to do. I thought it looked complicated, but it isn't too bad. I love cables and hope to do more than just a scarf. By the way-best wishes on your do over Cathi!

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  1. Thanks Andrea!
    Thought you might like to see the finished product. It's on my blog at

    It's a much simpler pattern than yours so it was easier to do. Although I can't tell you how many times on the wrong side it went "k7, p6, p7, undo p7, k7 like you're supposed to!" LOL Maybe knitting while watching TV isn't that good an idea?