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Thursday, September 2, 2010

PJ Pants-Hot off the serger!

I had co-op today and usually I come home a little tired. I love teaching writing and seeing all the kids every other Thursday. My kids enjoy being with friends and I love the moms. We are like one big family. I came home today and washed all the water bottles and coffee cups and unloaded bags and the cooler, but I wasn't tired like I usually am after a long day at co-op. We had a special treat today. We had 2 very old cars for the kids to look at and ride in (we are learning about Henry Ford). Hopefully I can post a pic soon. Oh well, I decided to cut out Simplicity 2721 for my 12 year old. I haven't finished her pj shorts yet (she hasn't tried them on), but she now has a new pair of pj pants out of some cool vintage flannel I got from nanny. This is a really neat pattern. I have never sewn pants by placing one leg inside the other. Pretty cool trick. Here they are. She actually likes them. Have a great evening.

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