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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cafe au lait

I love coffee-with cream,no sugar! There is just something about the smell, the taste, the feeling I get, when I get to drink my morning coffee. It is warm and rich and half and half is its best friend. I love coffee in glass mugs. The color is warm and inviting and it just looks classy to me. I like it super hot so you have to sip it-my husband guzzles it down when he drinks his(which isn't very often). I like flavored coffees for dessert, but never during the day. I don't like flavored creamers either-too sweet. I hate bitter, cheap coffee. I have to watch the caffeine, but I could drink it all day. I love it poured over ice with milk and add just a touch of cinnamon, but I really don't like frappes. Coffee is a pretty particular thing for most people who love it. What is your fancy?

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  1. Coffee! Ahhh.... Definitely in a cup/mug - but I prefer china to clear. I like cream (or half and half) and sugar (just a touch is enough.) I sometimes add cinnamon and cardamom to the grounds but also don't have to have anything fancy or frothy. I prefer adding my own flavor with spices to pre-flavored coffee (I wonder how they did it and with what form of the ingredient!) I could drink a nice organic decaf all day! After seeing our kindred spirit for coffee, I knew there was more to love about you!