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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have been getting several items pinned for hemming and a couple of them are items I bought at a consignment store in Hilton Head. I go there every time we go to HHI on vacation. I think they just moved locations, but I absolutely love their store. They have a room where many things are only a dollar-and I am not talking about socks here. Just look at some of the lovelies I picked up for a buck this trip. Have already worn a few.
Petite Sophisticate gray year round wool pants
Jones New York round neck jacket in chocolate brown
Black wrap dress
Cute plaid pants w/tab button pockets(need hemming)
2 pairs of shoes (black and maroon)
I also picked up a few books and a really great stainless steel carafe. I also bought a great pair of Talbot's paper sack waist pants that are cream with a gray pinstripe and several Brooks Brothers buttondowns, a pair of JCrew pants and some black crop pants too. I only spent about $40 total and got the girls several things as well. What a deal. So if you are ever on Hilton Head Island check out SACKS consignment! Here is their Facebook link.

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