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Monday, August 9, 2010

Simplicity 7533-Looks like a dress!

Well I sewed for a while this weekend and it was really nice to do so. I have been so involved with planning for my school year, that I haven't really had a chance to do any sewing. I finally took a couple of hours and worked on my dress Saturday. It actually looks like a dress now. I sewed the sides up and put in the zipper and neck facings. The only things I have left are the armhole facings and hemming. I tried it on and the bodice needs some tapering. TOO WIDE. The dress looks very boxy. I will put it on inside out after I get the armhole facings done. Then I will pin it so that I can streamline it a bit. This dress has a belt the has 2 large buttons on it. I have it cut out in the same fabric, but I think it needs to be a contrasting fabric to look right. I'll sew up the one I already have cut out and then make another one. I probably won't get to wear this one much. By the time I finish it, we will be headed into fall. Maybe I could put sleeves on it? Hmmm. We will see. Sewing will soon become a weekend warrior activity with my homeschool year starting this week. It is always sad to see summer go, but I like the routine the school year brings. We are doing the 20th century this year, so my kids will be a little more familiar with the events we study. Rambling now so I will stop!

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  1. Looks like a fabulous job on the zipper! I think a little cardigan will do the trick to get you into fall! Be sure to try it on with your belt before and as you taper! I over tapered before and the belt looked silly!
    Happy sewing!