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Monday, August 9, 2010

Scarves In Process

I wrote in one of my posts that I did some knitting on my vacation and I wanted to post my in process progress on here.  I also have my Fisherman's Wool scarf I am working on. I am using smaller needles for that one.  I love the tight look of the stitches, but it takes forever to feel like you are getting anywhere. (Good thing I started this in the summer) The new project is a purple yarn that is almost shimmery.  I made it pretty thin because the yarn is quite bulky.  I don't own many purple clothing items, but I loved this color and I am hoping our Walmart carries this or I will have to find some online.  I only bought one skein-NOT SMART.  I just picked it up in Hilton Head to keep my hands busy, but it turns out I really like the color.  I'll remember that next trip.

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