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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simplicity 7533

I decided last night to get atleast one more step done on this dress.  I was going to put in the armhole facings, but I have been reading on several blogs that you don't really have to.  It can just add bulk to the arm hole.  I had already serged the edge, so I just turned it under 1/4 inch and topstitched. (You can kind of see them in the bottom pic-pretty smooth) It doesn't look bad, but I am used to the facings.  It is less bulky though.  I haven't completed the belt, but I paired it with this chocolate brown elastic belt for this picture and I think I like it.  I want to do some form of the large button belt that is on the pattern, but that is still in the planning mode.  At least this is a wearable dress now.  I love the vintage like print of the material. Don't you like Nanny's big brown bead necklace? I did also taper the sides last night.  I started at a half inch at the armpit and gradually increased to one inch and then back down to meet the side seam.  It fits better now! I have tomatoes to can today and our first school co-op tomorrow, so probably no new sewing until the weekend-SIGH! (Looking for a new camera-my flash just blows everything white when you use it-and it dropped off a table and the battery compartment has to be held closed with a rubberband-I love this camera though!)

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