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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still Reading.....

I am still wrapped up in reading books that my kids have to read this year for school. We are doing the 20th century and we are only in the early 1900's so far, but I am reading a book about Israel and Palestine. Tasting the Sky-A Palestinian Childhood is very good. She writes in such a descriptive way, that you can see, touch, taste,hear and smell all that she is experiencing. Very vivid details. I have assigned my writing class descriptive paragraphs for this first 2 weeks and I would love for them to read some of the examples in this book. It is a bit sad, but I am only half way through the book. Looking forward to more of her similes and metaphors! Will let you know the end result. On another note, we read Kids at Work by Lewis Hine this week. Amazing photography of child labor in the early 1900's. When photos are done right, they ARE worth a 1000 words. It is sad that Hine died in poverty, because he was a truly gifted photographer. My daughter realized how little we have to do in comparison to what many 4, 5, and 6 old kids had to do during this time period. Lastly, I listened to a piece about Jack London on NPR the other day. Call of the Wild is another school selection for the early 1900's. There is a new biography about him that sounds very interesting. Wolf: The Lives of Jack London by James Haley. They were interviewing the author on NPR. I like biographies and I might just pick this one up. Not much sewing going on right now. Hope to get in a project this weekend! I did enjoy looking at sewing books at Barnes and Noble on Monday night for a while. There are so many books now that include the patterns in the book for less than $30. Pretty convienent!

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