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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reading In a Car

One thing I love about vacation is the fact that I usually don't drive. My husband has a tendency to do most of the driving. We also towed a small boat with us this time and I definitely don't like driving while towing. My 16 year old son drove for a while on this trip and he did well. So, not driving= reading in the car for me. I would hate it if I got car sick like many people do when they read in the car. I managed to finish Homeless Bird. It was really good. It was interesting to read about another culture and this girl being married at 13. Yikes! Good read. I also read Have Space Suit Will Travel. It is a science fiction novel that my daughter will be reading this year. It is pretty good. Not at all what I expected. Quite a bit of suspense and some neat relationship dynamics in this one. The main character is 18, which is much older than the group that will be reading it. I think they will enjoy the book though. I read Joni's Story by the pool. He life is so interesting. She has done so much and touched so many people. It was encouraging to read about her struggles and her victories. Our co-op is covering her in church history this year. I also read A Father's Touch, which she wrote. I am reading that one out loud to our younger school group towards the end of the year. Needless to say, I enjoyed having the time to read many of the school books my daughter will be reading this year. How about you? Are you reading what your kids are reading? It is sometimes eye opening. I spanned cultures and life threatening accidents and trips to the moon this past week-all in a car-hee hee.

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