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Friday, August 13, 2010

Is your refrigerator running?

Oh the old joke or prank call that asked, "Is your refrigerator running?" Then the lovely answer of, "then you better go catch it!" Click! So stupid, yet anyone from my generation knows the old joke.  Well, no joke, my refrigerator isn't running.  It hasn't been running since Sunday.  The Sears man is coming today and I am hoping to have my refrigerator and icemaker back.  Our icemaker hasn't been working for a year, but I did not want to pay to have someone come out just for the icemaker. It is odd how much I depend on my fridge.  We have had only eggs, milk, oj, butter and jelly in a cooler this week and I have realized I can get by with those items, but it certainly limits my cooking.  We have had a variety of "out in town" things to do this first week of school, so we have grabbed things for lunch.  My girls both went to the doctor yesterday and had shots-so fun! Last night we just had canned soup and sandwiches.  I will be glad to have condiments at my disposal again.  I want to save leftovers again.  I just might kiss the Sears man if he gets it fixed today! I am so thankful for the invention of refrigeration!

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