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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor on Labor Day!

The holiday was spent siding our shed. I am very thankful for our 2 story shed. Our family (mainly hubby and son) built it. It stores a lot of stuff. We have tar paper covering it, but it is starting to look a bit ragged. My husband decided we were going to get some siding on it yesterday. I know you might be thinking that sounds easy, but think again. We received "free" tin from a friend of ours years ago. This tin has tar globs on it because it was on his barn roof. It is also "weathered" white. So we had to measure and cut (by hand with shears) then get off the tar, Bondo the holes (of course they did not match where we needed holes) and then paint and hang. We only did the top section and it took us all day. Now most of the day it was just me, hubby and son. It looks so nice, but I kinda dread doing the rest. If the weather is cool, it won't be so bad. What did you do for the holiday?
Sorry for the bad picture-my camera is still ailing!

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