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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I want to try it all!

This seems to be my attitude lately when it comes to crafts. I have refused to get a pinterest because I know I would spend way too much time looking at everything and wanting to figure out how to do it myself. Etsy isn't helping me much either.  I see such cute ideas and want to try them too. I have made a few crochet bangles, a ruffle fabric scarf, owl burp cloths and have also been decoupaging cute baby themed clothespins. Then I saw these cute little drawstring muslin party favor bags and wanted to stamp some myself. It is all fun but way overwhelming. I have stuff everywhere! I am no longer an organized crafter. I need to spend less time crafting/sewing and organize my goods! Hope everyone is planning for a great turkey day! I get to go see my mom which is super exciting. I am also getting my hair chopped today before the holidays come. Going back to super short after my kids actually took a vote in the car and said get rid of the long hair. I must be the short sassy hair type.

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  1. You most certainly are the short sassy hair type! Beautifully done... I agree... too many crafts - I have stuff every where, too! Eggshell mosaic stuff on my kitchen table, squirrels on logs for Thanksgiving gifts, baby dresses and unfinished roses on my sewing table, oh- and choir dresses that thankfully my daughter is hemming! Praise the Lord! Well, I am looking forward to working through some of these so that I can re-do some sweaters, paint some ornaments, and knit another gift, too --eek! Hmmm... is there therapy for this? Hugs!