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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My own little "block" party

After I read Samantha's post over at The Handmade Dress about "blocking" her knitted items, I decided to do a litlle investigating. I read several articles on blocking your hand knitted and crocheted items and I now understand the purpose behind it. So I set up my padded quilt board and put a flannel backed tablecloth over that. Then I laid a towel down and proceeded to pin my items into place. I sprayed mine with lavender water until saturated and then waited the whole weekend to let them dry completely. They will keep their shape now. It makes things look handmade with care rather than homemade messes. They smell good too.


  1. Hmmm... I have blocked sweaters but not things I have crocheted or knitted! I can see the benefit for sure. We'll have to talk :D! Did you make your own lavender water with lavender essential oil?

  2. Yes I did make my own lavender water. Smells yummy!

  3. Dear Mrs. K.
    I have recently discovered the joy of cabling. Thank you for the inspiration!