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Monday, November 14, 2011

Love this thread holder

I saw this cute tutorial today over at Ucreate. It is a framed thread holder. I like this because you can make it the size you need or you could do a couple of them in contrast colors. I want to do this soon.

I did manage to "block" my headwarmers I made this weekend. I have never blocked any project. I used lavender water like Samantha over at the Handmade Dress. The house smelled so good.

I plan to get that sweet potato casserole recipe up to day in case you want to make it for Thanksgiving.

I made potato soup yesterday and wanted to share a few tips. First I sweat onions and celery in butter in the pot I am using for the soup. Then add chicken stock and chopped potatoes. Boil just until fork tender. In another pot of water boil additional chopped potatoes for mashing.  About half the amount you use for the soup.  I drain these and then mash them until fairly creamy. Add this and 1 can cream of chicken soup to your soup pot. Once incorporated, add milk, salt and pepper. Just before serving I add sour cream thinned with milk (otherwise it clumps). I serve with bacon bits and cheese. The mashed potatoes help to give the soup more potato flavor and also gives it a thicker consistency. Enjoy!

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