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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Digi stamp and finished love heart embroidery

I recently had someone on Etsy ask me if I had a monkey in a stroller stamp? Random, but there is some serious "Monkey Love" out there. There are sock monkey hats, monkey cupcake toppers, monkey fabric, etc. etc. Well I managed to put two of my stamps together to make an image, but I haven't heard whether she liked it or not. This all prompted a search for said stamp. End result: couldn't find a rubber or cling stamp. I did stumble upon Bugaboo stamps which are all digital stamps. Pretty cool. This lady draws all of her own designs and then you download them to use. You can sell the items you make with them, but you can't physically turn them into stamps. So I printed off some in wallet size and doodled on them last night for a bit. They are really cute and would make cute cards or shower invites. May have to play some more. (can't get my picture of this to upload-will try again)
On another note, I finally finished my Valentine's embroidery. I get the embroidery newsletter and this was the free pattern last month. I normally don't download them, but this was really cute. They don't come with instructions, so I just winged the stitches. I am glad I finished it. I really like needlework. Very repetitive and soothing. I am just that kinda girl.
Have a great weekend!

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