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Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Craftsy Quilt Block and paisleys too

I always seem to find other things to do when I actually have time to quilt. It really scares me. I think getting everything to line up sparks dread and fear in me. I just want everything to be even so that I don't have to worry about squaring everything up at the end. Uneven rows, points that don't meet, sashes of different sizes-uugghh! But today, I decided to jump right in to my Craftsy-Block of the Month video and try one. I had watched the video to see how "easy" it would be. Suprisingly, today went well. Not fast mind you, but well. It took me about an hour to do one block. I know-speed demon! Maybe I will do the next January block this weekend. (This pic is pre-squaring)

Now all this Craftsy quilting reminded me that I desperately needed to work on the paisley quilt for our Tapestry group. All of our Upper Grammar and Dialectic students did 1 paisley block in art class and we (me) decided to sew them all into a paisley quilt to be given away at the end of the year. I started the sashing today. There will be 5 rows of 4 blocks each. I am using a turquoise paisley for the vertical sashing between the blocks and a tangerine paisley for the horizontal and outside vertical edges. I have an extra wide piece of chocolate brown paisley for the backing. I am just excited that some of the blocks are together and all the turquoise sashes are cut!

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