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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back to the Land of the Living

This has been a whirlwind 2 weeks! The quilting retreat was fabulous and I'll have pics up soon of what I accomplished while I was there. My daughter's graduation was very nice and now she is off to UK in the fall. My son's high school graduation was very sweet and quite emotional. I love home school graduations! He is off to UK in the fall as well.  I then proceeded to try to get my house back in order-not happening very quickly. I unloaded all of my quilting garb, but haven't sewn a stitch since I've been home. I spent the last three days trying to catch up on Etsy orders -whew! Stamped nearly 500 bags in 3 days. I am basically on track now. Yesterday my washing machine broke-sad day! I took it apart in places and tried to clean out filters and pumps, but that was not the problem. Hubby has ordered a new motor for it and it will hopefully be up and running by Friday. Can't go too long around here without a washing machine. Grocery shopping today and a little mowing of the 10 acre yard-boo hoo! Thankfully the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Hope to stay up to date on the blog now that things have settled down to whatever we call normal. Have a glorious day.

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