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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Just a Poor Washer Woman-ha ha

If you have ever seen Wind in the Willows, you will understand the title of this post. The very clever Toad dresses up as a poor washer woman when he escapes prison in order to gain passage on a barge. If you have never seen the movie-I recommend it! I am thrilled to be a washer woman. My washing machine motor went out last Monday and it finally came in and my sweet son replaced it for me last night (He will make a very handy hubby one day). So now I will joyfully be doing laundry for probably the next 2-3 days to catch up. It is amazing how much laundry one family can produce. We have work clothes and around the house clothes and work outside on the barn clothes-whew! So thankful I don't have to do all these by hand.
On another note, I have posted pics of my 2 May Craftsy BOM  blocks. I really enjoyed these "wonky" log cabin versions for May. If you haven't signed up for Craftsy and this free class-YOU SHOULD!

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