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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Riley Blake Advent calendar

I just love this project. It is a large panel that comes with the calendar, softies to put in the pockets of the calendar and softies that spell Holiday Cheer. I bought mine from an Etsy seller for a great price. It is super simple to put together too. I ironed, pinned, sandwiched and sewed the calendar last night. Even did a little quilting at the top. I used some of the leftover paisley backing from the co-op quilt for the back. I plan to sandwich the softies panel and stitch around the circles and then cut with pinking shears. Not sure if I will keep it for myself or try to sell it on my Etsy. Would probably be better for younger children since it has all the "things to do" softies for 24 days. I love the vintage look to all the materials though. Super cute and fairly easy to make. Looking for a great handmade present to give????

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