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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tend the Earth and Watch some Birds

My mom and dad LOVE to watch birds and squirrels and chipmunks from their glass porch. They have binoculars and books and feeders galore. I found this Tend the Earth charm pack at Missouri Star as a daily deal and scooped it up in order to make my parents a cute throw for their couch on the porch. I ended up working on it Wednesday and Thursday of the retreat. It is a disappearing 4 patch pattern. Harder to do than I thought, but I like the results. I finished the borders today, so now it just needs squaring and quilting. I think they will like it. Wanted to come through on my promise to post some pics of the projects I was working on. Also received my 505 basting spray today. Looking forward to spraying my quilts instead of pinning them!!

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