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Monday, August 15, 2011

Building up walls

No I am not talking about the emotional ones-Whole other story! We have been working on retaining walls in our driveway and up to where the new barn will be. We had to have something in tiers there to keep back all that ugly red clay. Otherwise all the clay would end up in our gravel drive-yuck! We did the excavating last weekend and this weekend we worked on putting the rocks in. Long process trying to get them level. Then we realized the company who delivered the rock only gave us one small bags of pins to keep the rocks together. These are Versa Lock blocks. You don't have to use mortar between them. Oh well. So tonight it looks like we will be right back at it, assuming my hubby gets more pins. It will look so much more manicured. Now what about the rest of the farm?

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