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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creative fix

I am seriously hoping that my schedule will get a little more normal soon. We have been working very hard on our retaining walls and they are starting to look really nice. I have been trying to help my son get a schedule set up for filling out college applications while completing his classes and working a new job. He also has ACT and SAT subject tests coming up in October.
I was mowing last Saturday and made some hornets very angry, so one decided to sting me on the top of my head-very painful by the way! That's what I get for trying to keep a very large yard manicured.
I have still been knitting my second fingerless glove whenever I am riding in the car. I hope to have that done soon. Looking forward to wearing them when the weather gets cold!
On this last trip to Hebron with hubby, I went back to the GAP clearance store and bought 3 great Banana Republic sport coats for $19.99 each. One was all Italian wool and the other 2 were just navy linen like and khaki. Great deals and they didn't have any visible issues. I also bought this GAP body hooded shirt for $.25! It was seriously a quarter because it had a hole in the front. I decided to use some of the Amy Butler lotus fabric flowers and applique right over the hole. I thought adding more than one flower would look better. I blanket stitched with pink embroidery floss and I think it looks pretty cute. Now I can wear it and no one will ever know there was a hole. I also bought a cute Banana Republic dress with a broken zipper for $4.99 that I have been working on. Hope to get more sewing done sometime soon. All I have done is hem and fix over the last week, but that is helping narrow my boring pile of "to-dos" and that feels pretty good.

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