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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Captain Crunch French Toast

While we were in Hilton Head, we watched Food Network quite a bit. On one of the Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives they highlighted The Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore and it all looked good. My son loves Captain Crunch so when I heard the owner say "Captain Crunch French Toast," my ears perked up. I didn't add all the sugar to the egg mixture, but it turned out really yummy. I basically blended eggs, half and half and vanilla together for the batter. I crushed several handfuls of cereal and then used homemade bread (courtesy a lovely lady at church). YUM! You coat the bread in the egg mixture, coat the bread in cereal and then cook in a medium hot skillet with butter. The cereal starts to caramelize and gives the toast a slightly crisp outside, while the inside is soft and moist. My son said it was pretty good and he would definitely eat it again. I served it with a little whipped cream and drizzled it with syrup. Enjoy! I think this might be good with Cinnamon Toast Crunch too.

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