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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cable Catastrophe

Well my lovely pink cable scarf project is no more. I somehow got lost in my stitching pattern and just couldn't seem to fix it. In frustration, it once again became a ball of yarn. I will attempt it again, but for now I am working on a jumbo cable scarf. I found a pattern 20 stitches wide that used 8 strands of yarn together, but I am using one strand of very chunky yarn. It seems to be working so far. Last night I ended up making a boo boo while watching a movie and I stopped in hopes that I can fix it this weekend and it won't suffer the same fate as the pink one. We shall see???
Sorry for the strange coloring (the scarf is a lovely deep, rich burgundy wool mix) in the pics, my camera is suffering from an incurable illness I think. So sad-I love this camera. My flash no longer works and its batteries are being held in by rubberbands-(sniff,sniff) I will have to lay it to rest soon.

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