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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thread Bare

I almost laughed yesterday when I had to buy thread. I have this enormous amount stashed and yet not enough of the color I was using on my Vogue skirt. I inherited a small trash bag full of thread when I bought my serger-(yay for me). I ran the bobbin and the white spool started showing. Oh well, problem fixed with a little trip to Hancock. I was only able to get the darts sewn in the front and sew up the front center seam, but it is progress. Now I have plenty of thread if I decide to tackle the scary jacket part of this pattern (my sweet friend Michelle has graciously offered to help me with this daunting project). We will see how the skirt with snaps goes first. This pattern has a side zip or snap option. I am going with the snaps mainly because I have never done them. I am in this "teach yourself something new" mode of life right now. Might as well go with it while it lasts! Probably won't get too far today due to the fact that my son has much school and an art class this afternoon. The high school art class is working on reproducing this Guernica panel. They each received a square grid with a section for them to draw. My son got the big foot area in the lower right corner. We have such amazing teachers in our Tapestry group!!!! School for my 7th grader beckons as well. It is all so interesting to me, although there is so much to study. Reading about Hoover's administration right now and I don't guess I ever realized that 1-he was a Quaker and 2-how important and wealthy a business man he was. He didn't get such a great rap as president, but he had an incredible career before and after. So much history-so little time to read it all. Have a blessed day and learn something new!

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