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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heel flaps and knitting spools

I finished the heel flap for my sock and will soon be watching the video that shows me how to turn the heel. I hope this all comes together. It would be very encouraging to have something that actually resembles a wearable sock in the end. I am starting to get the hang of knitting in the round.
On another note, I had breakfast and coffee at Panera with a lovely new friend this morning and we swapped knitting stories. I purchased a knitting spool on clearance at Hancock a week or so ago and gave it to her. She had a nice large wooden one that she bought at a craft fair and brought to church a while back. The one I bought was much smaller, so therefore it makes more narrow I-cords. These are pretty fascinating little tools. I brought hers home with me today and my youngest daughter loves them. You could use a single thin cord for a pendant necklace or braid three larger ones together for a cute scarf or belt. Ah the possibilities!

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