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Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a Carrot Cake Day

I am fixing dinner tonight for a sweet little family in our church who just had a new baby girl. I have a gift or two for her and big brother. I worked on a scrap/brag album for her this weekend. Very simple, but nice. I think I will make chicken and dumplings. It is so hearty and just seems to be a fall comfort food. She is nursing, so I thought I would stay away from anything spicy. For dessert though, I am going to make a carrot cake. Now obviously that means my family will get half of the cake and I will take the other half to them. Sounds fair-doesn't it? My favorite recipe is from Southern Living. It is 3 full layers of deliciousness! I just made one of these recently for a rehearsal dinner and it got rave reviews. I make them every year for Thanksgiving as well. (Mom and dad love this cake). Will post the recipe later today once I get my recipe out. Have a great Monday!

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