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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Working on the shed-wish I was knitting instead!

I helped my son work on putting tin on the front of our shed this afternoon. My daughter also helped me paint quite a bit of the tin "desert sand" today. Don't you love how names of colors make them sound so much more spectacular than they really are. This is tan in my book! I have made very little progress on my socks. I now have the 2 inch cuff and need to watch the heel flap tutorial. I hope she covers it all because it is not a free pattern to download. I like free! It is not that I won't pay for things, but there are so many free projects that are suitable to my skill level (beginner), that I haven't had to yet. I might have to buy this one or the sock may just become a leg warmer.
I do feel accomplished today because I mopped my floors by hand and I love it when they are so clean. Do you mop by hand or use a mop?

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