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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enough thread already!

I have spent the day ORGANIZING! Whoa baby!  My scrapbook area is super tidy and I made it easy to find all my materials.  I used my 8 1/2 X 11 paper organizer to house gallon size ziplocks in hanging folders that are labeled with titles of topics I scrap frequently like family, holidays, boy/girl, etc.  I can easily put new stuff in and take stuff out.  I also color coded all of my paper.  Huge task for me.  I organized embellishments and buttons and it makes me feel so good.  My next little project tonight is to organize my embroidery floss.  My mom gave me this cream organizer and also a big Danish Butter Cookie tin FULL of floss.  I am trying to number and wrap them all so that it will be easy to find what I am looking for.  All these projects that I never have time to do during the school year are finally getting done!
On another note, I weeded and watered the garden this morning and it is really coming along.  I have blooms on my tomatoes and pepper plants.  The corn is about 10 inches tall and all my zucchini/squash and melon plants are growing.  Hopefully we will have a great harvest this year.  I am looking forward to putting up tomatoes.  I have been putting mowed grass around the plants and that is helping to keep the weed growth down-YES! Will have some pics soon.

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