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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Butterick 5613-bubble version

My daughter's friend who did her first year of 4H sewing this year wants a bubble skirt. She picked out really cute polka dot fabric and she cut out, serged and pinned all of the pleats several weeks ago. I have just been busy or gone and finally got around to sewing on it this week. I have sewn all the pleats down and all I really have left is the zipper and gathering the bottom of it to make it bubble. I have had to go on basic knowledge to put this together because the pattern has been misplaced. I don't know why. My sewing stuff is always so organized-Ha! That is another project for the summer. I would love to organize my patterns by date or era and also by size within that era. Ah dreams of all my sewing things in their proper place-swoon! Maybe a sewing room one day. Unitl then I will just keep moving things around and trying to get some sewing done. I think this will be very cute on Katy's friend once it is finished and pressed.

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