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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing Stagnation

My goodness! I sewed up a storm while on my retreat and now I feel like I am in S L O W motion. I worked for a while on my Lisette dress today. I managed to get the bias tape on the armhole openings. I pinned my baby quilt which now needs to be quilted too. I organized my closet with the help of 4 hangers a sweet friend gave me that hold 4 pairs of pants each. I also ordered one of the IKEA Komplement hangers from an ebay seller because you can't order them online-BOOBooBoo! I bought a $15 ebay groupon coupon a while back that I only paid $7 for and I used it today to buy the hanger. I will get all my scarves organized once that comes in. Have to hem the bridesmaid dress this week. I suppose I am in a sewing funk and I hate that! Need to get motivated. Hope all of you are being more productive than me!

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