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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little organization please

While I was making meatloaf for dinner last night, my oldest daughter brought in my new Real Simple magazine. I noticed the front cover said something about "getting rid of clutter" and light bulbs went off. My sewing and scrapbook area are just a wreck right now. I have several projects in the works and my area is not hidden in a room where I can just close the door. I then started thinking about my closet. I just have way too much in it. Shoes are a little problematic for me. As in, I have a problem with "shoe love." My 2 girls wear the same size as me, so we can share shoes. My shoes are not organized! I have tried the plastic shoe bags on hangers and they just don't last. Oh well, so I saw some cute organization tools in the Real Simple that you might like as well. I love this Komplement hanger for scarves at Ikea. It retails for $7.99, but you can't buy it online. I will have to try to find a store that has it. This would be great for all those scarves I have made over the last couple of years. I also like this 4 tier pants hanger by OXO for $13. I bet Bed, Bath and Beyond would carry it. I like how each rod pops out so you don't have to jerk the pants out and drag the other pairs with them. Lastly, I think this little over the door birdie hanger from for $27 is just cute and sweet. I think it would be cute for a nursery gift too. Well, now that Real Simple has inspired decluttering, I guess I will have to work on something today. I have completed 2 steps of the satin bridesmaid dress I am altering. All I have left is the hem. Do you have clutter and unfinished projects? How do you get organized and complete the tasks at hand?

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