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Friday, May 6, 2011

The White Minky Pig

I almost finished another pig friend while I was in Pig. Forge. I didn't have any pipe cleaners with me, so I haven't finished his tail. That is a quick fix and then he will make the softest, sweetest baby gift. I have never used Minky material, but man it it soft. This was a scrap I bought at the Cherry Pit Quilt Shop. They have this great bin in the back full of scraps and whatever you can fit in the plastic ziplocks they provide is $2. I am pretty good and shoving those scraps down in those bags. I gave my brown argyle pig to one of the ladies at the retreat. She just loved him so much, I hated to seperate the 2 of them. I also made another scrappy flannel owl. He too will make a soft baby gift. They are really easy. I did that the first day there. It takes so much time to get everything unpacked and set up and I helped some of the other ladies bring in their heavy stuff. I wanted to accomplish something quickly as a confidence booster, so I made the owl.

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