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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Future Barn gets a start

We have this really old tobacco barn right in front of our house. We had to tear down half of it in order to build where we did. It is seriously falling down now. What used to be way above our heads, now conveniently "hits" us in the head! It is on its way to a dismal death. My sweet husband has so many cool tools, but no dry, organized place to put them. Like most men who own tools (and lots of them), he needs a BIG barn. He loves it when we drive by places and the barns are bigger than the houses. He and my son have marked off a roughly 60X50 barn on the other side of our driveway. Today a friend came out and did some land work and my husband was finishing the job tonight. He just loves big machinery. If you asked him what he would like for his birthday or Christmas or Father's Day, he would give you answers like-- a dump truck, a skidloader or a portable saw mill (which he now owns). He is so funny about things that run, have big engines and make lots of noise. I will be so glad for him when he gets his new barn! He works so hard to provide in so many ways for our family and I just love to see him smile when he talks about his new barn! I will post whenever we get started on the actual building.

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