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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look Ma-My First Quilt!

Well I finally bit the bullet and started sewing together a charm pack I bought. I decided that 32 small squares would be a great way to learn. I also love that they were already cut to size! I am not done sewing them together yet, but not too many more rows. Those FBC quilters will have a lot to teach me on that retreat. I feel pretty confident sewing the squares together. I was so nervous to just start the crazy thing. Pretty fun so far. This will be my quilt in training. I am hoping to learn to do some hand quilting on the retreat. My mom says you "get addicted" and I think that could happen pretty quickly.
PS I got the call and my dressform came in today. Get to pick her up tomorrow-Yippee!!!

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  1. OMG!! It is awesome! It is a HAPPY quilt. That is what I call daisies..they are simple & HAPPY! They just make people happy. Just like when I opened this, I smiled so BIG. Not only becuase of how great a job you've done (I am so very proud of you)but becuase the quilt is a HAPPY quilt. One that will only get better the more worn it gets from the "curling up on the couch" "making a sick one feel better" and "covering a family member that has fallen asleep on the couch on in a chair". I know I so should be working for Halmark or someone...haha. I do love it and it is fantastic!!! WOW, you are incredible. Love you sis to the "moon and back"!