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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Simplicity pattern 2599 finished-sorta

I finished sewing this up tonight, but I am not really super happy with the fit. I love the feel of the shirt, but I will not sew sheer, slippery material again for a while. The armpits hung too low, so I used my serger to take up the shoulder seams some. That helped! My problem now is that taking up the shoulders threw off the button closure in the back. It bubbles just a bit when it is looped over the button. I will have to work on fixing that little problem. It is noticeable enough that I probably wouldn't wear it without a sweater or something else over it. I like the length of the shirt. Not so long that it makes me look any shorter than my whopping 5'2", but long enough to help hide the hips and tush area. It would probably be much easier to sew in a linen or gauzy shirting material. The pattern was pretty easy, just difficult fabric!

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  1. i should take up sewing. she always wants to cover the hips and tush with her creations. maybe i'll just take some of the material scraps and come up with my own creation for her!