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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer scarves

I made two of these neat summer scarves within 30 minutes tonight. I love the knit material for both of these.  It keeps you from hemming the scarf-which means it goes much faster! My mother-in-law's birthday is next week, so I thought I would give these to her for a gift.  I found the tutorial at Ruffles and Stuff, but it is really on Dana's blog here  I have also made some quilted potholders for her for mother's day.  Hopefully she will like her gifts as much as I do! 
I get to see my mom later this month, so she will get her mother's day gift from me then.  Hope she had a great time at the Chop House tonight.

By the way, check out the dress form that those scarves are hanging on (smile).

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